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The Camelion Product Line
Camelion produces a wide range of products to suit most applications. Our products are:
- Powerful And Reliable . Your appliances can rely on Camelion power and durability.
- Environmentally Friendly. By using leading edge technology and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes we help keep our planet green ¨C and your appliances safe.
- Suitable for More Applications Camelion produces a broad range of products to suit many applications.

Primary Batteries At A Glance

Camelion primary batteries include Alkaline and Zinc Chloride Batteries. These are designed to be  reliable, long lasting and easy to use. Alkaline batteries have long lasting power, excellent shelf life,  and are ideal for most high power devices such as CD players, PDAs and remote controls. Zinc Chloride  batteries are leakage proof, have a long shelf and service life and supply economic power for  a wide range of devices such as flashlights, radio cassettes, recorders, remote controls and clocks.
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Rechargeable Batteries At a Glance

Rechargeable batteries work fast and provide you the perfect support for your entertainment, mobile and toy applications. Including Ni-Cd and Ni-MH products, this product line offers you sizeable benefits: up to 1000 recharging cycles, minimal memory effect, high capacity and long service life.
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Chargers - Flexibility for Different Budgets

Camelion chargers are designed to meet various situations and needs. There are essentially 4 types: Microprocessor Controlled Chargers, Plug-in Chargers, Travel Chargers and Universal Chargers.
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Flashlights - For High Performance And Good Looks

In addition to batteries, Camelion also provides you flashlights with sleek design and powerful performance.
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